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Requirements for Ads in the Category Vehicles
  • General Rules
  • 1.If you sell the car in parts for parts, then it should be posted in the category Spare Parts. Cars sold "entirely for spare parts" are placed in the category Cars.
  • 2.For new cars similar in a number of parameters (for example, brand name, model, body type, year of production, color), but with different specifications, several relevant ads are allowed. In each such ads, the distinguishing feature of the car must be indicated and unique photos used.
  • 3.If absolutely identical cars are available both on stock and under the order, this should be indicated in the description of the ad.
  • 4.New cars are considered to be those with a minimum mileage or zero, owned by the importer or dealer. In the event that the car is new and does not have a mileage, but it belongs to another person, such an announcement must be placed in the category "Cars" indicating the type of "Used".
  • 5.Ads on the sale of cars that are abroad and can be brought by order, should be placed in the category "Services - Importing Vehicles by Order".
  • 6.When posting ads, use unique titles, descriptions and photos that correspond to the specific product offered.
  • Ad Titles
  • Specify in the title the name of the product, its model and important parameters. Specifying the price, words attracting attention, contact information, website address or only the word "selling" violates the Posting Rules. For example, the title of the ad " Tyres 195/55R16 almost new" corresponds to the rules, but such titles violate the rules: "Tyres 195/55R16 almost new for 100 Euros", "Tyres 195/55R16 almost new CHEAP", " Tyres 195/55R16 almost new URGENTLY", "Tyres 195/55R16 almost new call XXXXXXXXXX", " Tyres 195/55R16 almost new www.adverto.sale».
  • Ad Description
  • 1.Spend enough time for describing the characteristics and quality of your car. It should be described in such a way that it seemed attractive, but it is necessary to report only reliable information.
  • 2.Describe exactly the product, which is referred to in the title of the ad and which is depicted on the photos. Do not put in the description the address of your website or competitors, mention in social networks and links to your other ads.
  • 3.Describe in details the terms of payment for the product, as well as other important points, if you have any additional conditions.
  • 4.In the event that there is an opportunity to purchase product on credit, exchange, repair, etc., please indicate this in the description of the ad as additional information of the product.
  • 5.In the description of the ad, specify the description of only a specific car.
  • Price
  • If the cost of your car is lower than the average cost of similar cars due to some reason (for example, the car is not custom cleared, requires repair or damaged in an accident), then be sure to mention this in the description of the ad.

Violation of rules and requirements, as well as a large number of complaints from the other Users on ads can lead to blocking ads or the User's account.

An additional requirements see at General Requirements for the Posting of Ads