Follow our advice and stay safe.

Security on VooXee

Vooxee.com is the best platform for a quick sale or a bargain purchase of various products. Unfortunately, scammers use popular platforms to deceive users and resort to well-known tricks. We have received a lot of information about the most popular methods of scammers so that you can use our services to avoid unpleasant experiences and prevent scammers from making money off you.Follow our advice and stay safe.
site check

Site check

To deceive and confuse, scammers use fake sites or duplicate sites. Before clicking the link, check the site address carefully and make sure it is a Vooxee site. The address bar should always contain Vooxee website. If you are using the application, then stay in it.

General safety rules

Personal Data

Below is the Vooxee safety policy, please read and remember:
Never give your personal data to anyone: passport data, bank card details, codes, virtual wallet data, e-mail, phone number, etc.
Always use Vooxee chat to communicate.
Payment data for buying or selling can only be entered on Vooxee website.
If you have agreed to transfer money to your personal account, then do not provide anything other than the card number on the front side or IBAN. No other data is needed for the transfer, even your e-mail.
If you receive an e-mail saying that the money has been sent and will come to your account soon, ignore it and do not send the goods. Send the goods only when the money is deposited to your account.
Use only trusted delivery services. Pay for shipping directly and never through third party sites.
Personal meeting
Another option to protect yourself from fraud is a personal meeting. You will be able to check the goods and pay for it in cash, if desired. When choosing a meeting place, choose a familiar and crowded place.
Careful communication
If, when communicating with a person, you have any doubts about his honesty and reliability, stop communicating and do not proceed with a deal.

Don't fall for tricks. Checking referral links.

Be attentive when asked to click on links. To receive payment you do not need to enter your card number outside of the Vooxee website or application
PIN CodeNever enter your PIN when receiving a payment. If you are being asked for it, this is definitely scam. Stop communicating.
Checking referral linksBe attentive when asked to click on links. To receive payment you do not need to enter your card number outside of the Vooxee website or application
Code in smsNever tell anyone the code received in SMS.
Phone number and e-mailYour e-mail is not needed to complete the transaction. If you are asked for it, it is most likely a scammer. They may send you links to fake sites or send fake information about the payment that has been sent. Be careful, do not send the goods until you see the money in your bank account.

Stay on Vooxee

Don't be confused, stay on Vooxee site. Very often, in order to deceive, scammers use fake sites or duplicate sites.
good site
Examples of good sites:vooxee.com uk.vooxee.com payment.vooxee.com any-kind-of-letters-here.vooxee.com
fake site
Examples of fake sites:vooxee-payment.com — scammers paymentvooxee.com — scammers Pay-vooxee.com — scammers

Do not give your e-mail or phone number to anyone

If in correspondence someone asks you for an e-mail, most likely this is a scammer. After that, either a fake link or a fake payment can be sent to your mail. Sometimes you may be notified that the funds have been transferred to your account and will be credited after you ship the goods. Do not ship until you see the funds in your bank account.

Make sure you are exactly on vooxee.com

Often scammers make fake pages similar to Vooxee.com. On a real site, there should be only a dot between "Vooxee" and "com". Also, before the word vooxee there can be another word, but also through a dot.

Fraudsters can be like sellers, as well as buyers

seller fraud
Example of chat with scammer
seller fraud

How to recognize a fraudulent seller

Avoids personal meetings. Eager to communicate via personal e-mail or messenger (Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.)
Tries to find out details of your personal data.
Disguises his communication - writes on behalf of a bank, payment system or employee of a marketplace
Pushes you for a quick deal, so you don't have time to think it over

Make the world a nicer place - help punish scammers

If you suspect a scammer, please let us know right away https://cyberalert.cy/contactus/ If it happened and you have already given personal information, card or bank account details to scammers then:
ContactContact your bank as soon as possible and block the account
Save historySave the details of the correspondence
SubmitReport to the cybercrime center on this website - https://cyberalert.cy/contactus/