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Requirements for Ads for Companies

On our site it is forbidden to post advertising information in the description of ads, including:

  • 1.Provide general information about the company. For example, Company A has been operating on the market for more than 15 years. Included in the top 100... .
  • 2.Include the information about the company as a whole. For example, We sell and deliver furniture for apartments, houses, offices and hotels. An exception is made only for companies offering services in this field of activity.
  • 3.Place general advertising information about the range of products and services of the company or store. For example, We offer a wide range of products for repairing an apartment, house and office. There are tools, equipment, fixtures, hardware, paints, varnishes, putties, brushes and much more at affordable prices.
  • 4.Proposal of participation in lotteries, promotions, drawings during the purchase of products.
  • 5.Slogans and appeals, for example Sensation!, Super offer!, Have time to buy before lunch! and so on.

The following related information is allowed in the ad description:

  • 1.Delivery (free or paid).
  • 2.The gift or discount provided when buying the main product must be clearly defined. For example: When buying a computer AAA mouse BBB as a gift. Discount for students 15% until September 1. Every Tuesday all half-price.
  • 3.Warranty for the goods.
  • 4.Installation and assembling of purchased equipment.
  • 5.Provision of accounting documents of the deal.
  • 6.Indication from whom the offer is being made (owner, sales department), availability of agency commission.
  • 7.Possibility of test-drive of product.
  • 8.Conditions for fitting / displaying.
  • 9.The possibility of buying products at wholesale or retail.
  • 10.Mention of varieties of purchase: I will buy, Take for sale, Take for commission, etc.
  • 11.Possibility of booking the goods for later purchase.

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